A frequently asked question: Remy! What equipment do you use?

Well………. It all starts with my Hughes & Kettner Coreblade and ENGL Powerball Amps! And my IBANEZ Guitars!

I’d like to call it a very Dynamic/ Organic Tube amp sound!

DARKER sounding with my MAHOGANY/ KORINA Guitars , and more SNEERING with the BASSWOOD and ASH RG Models!

But I think the most important thing is my Volume Knob! I do everything with that!
Mostly I use the gain( Overdrive) from the Amp , but clean it up with the Volume knob and switching to the Middle Pick-up/ Bridge setting.
On My Engl I only use Channel 3, which is a high-gain sound that cleans up nicely with the Volume knob on the guitar.
On the Hughes & Kettner Coreblade I use ultra 2 With not too much gain.

A few years ago I learned the Ultimate lesson in learning to play as clean as possible:
Guitar, Cable, Amp and GO!!!!
No Reverb, No Delay etc. to mask things…


I still do that from time to time…

I hardly use any effects anymore but when I do :


My Guitar goes into my Tuner a HardWire HT 2,
that goes into an IBANEZ AF-2 “ airplane flanger “,
that goes into the MXR Phase 90 ( for those EVH sounding leads),
that goes into the Majik Box Fuzz Universe FU 2 , to boost or fatten up the gain from the amp

in then to the Input of the ENGL POWERBALL

note: I use very short patch cables to keep the signal as pure as possible! And most of the pedals I use are True Bypass, BUT if ALL of your pedals are true Bypass you’ll lose signal eventually! ( read: Weaker signal)! fortunate enough the MXR PHASE 90 is NOT True bypass , and has a buffer ( which kinda Boosts the signal again!)

I guess that’s the easiest way for me to say it without getting to technical I suppose…

The send goes to the input of the Visual Sound H20 Chorus / delay pedal,
that goes to the HardWire RV 7 Reverb pedal and that Output goes back to the Return of the Amp.

In My case I found that the sound of the Chorus/ Delay/ Reverb effects , sound best in the loop of the Amp! Meaning that all the Pre-Amp sounds( Overdrive) are going THROUGH the the Chorus/delay and Reverb effects instead of “ pushing “them through the distorted sound resulting in a Muddy/ Mushy, Mushy kinda Doodoo….

The HUGHES & KETTNER has built-in effects so there’s no need for me to use extra gear with that amp!

I hope that’s clear for now!

I Mainly use ALL of my IBANEZ Guitars!! As you may have read I have been for the Past 2 decades!That and a frequently looked at Youtube page and Me selling a whole bunch of IBANEZ Guitars when I used to work in a music store , Payed Off: an Endorsment! I’m also endorsed by HUGHES & KETTNER amps.
I do get why other people say “ You can’t play all of them at once” , but I do like different feeling necks/ Frets/ Bodyshapes/ Sounds , from day to day I guess….

My IBANEZ Guitars:

PGM 80 P
PGM 100
PGM 301
PGM 500
PGM 900
RG-2570 MZ CAB


SR 1805

I Also play an occasional Stunning “CAPARISON APPLEHORN ORANGE “from time to time when I feel like using the whammy bar all over the place….

Remy! What strings do you use?

Now that my friends, is something I really don’t care about! As long as it’s 0:10-0:46!
Unless some company wants to endorse me, I’ll start caring then!

Picks: Dunlop 0:60! For the last 5-6 years I think. Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Dunlop T3 series as well!

They feel really good doing/playing all the styles that I do!
And NOT just the picking part!
Well, that’s about it I guess…

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